dodiemae dodiemae
This is my first attempt at using Dye-na-Flow. Should I wet the fabric first? I have prewashed & dried it. None of the instructions I've seen tell whether it should be wet or dry to begin with!

Starting with a 24" circle of cotton fabric, I want to apply a gradient of a single color from the center to the edge (no color in the center). Any advice would be appreciated!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Wetting the fabric will assist the DNF to flow easier and give you a more even gradient. Use a spray bottle or finely and evenly wet the fabric with clean water. I assume you wish to go dark to light from the outside of the circle to the inside. Start at the exterior and evenly apply the color. Keep wetting the fabric as is needed to help the DNF spread.
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