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I've been dyeing professionally for about 5 years. I use Jacquard Acid dyes almost exclusively and have never had problems with bleeding....until now..... (fyi I exhaust everything until the water is clear.)

I had a customer come to me last week with some yarn that I had dyed that she had knit into a hat and mittens. She had washed the hat and the color faded. The hat looks like it was left in the sun for a few weeks. The mittens were not washed and so the color is still vibrant.

She sent both to me for testing. I washed one mitten in cold water and mild soap (I used dish detergent because of the wetting agents) and did not wash the other--this is what she said she had done. When I was finished there was no color loss at all---the mittens still matched perfectly.

So, either she's not being truthful about what she did (and I can't imagine why she would lie), or something else is fading the color. The customer is in Chicago and a friend that also lives there tells me the water is very chlorinated. Is it possible that the chlorine is fading the color after one washing? Any idea what else it could be that doesn't fade for me, but fades for her?

I'm so stumped! Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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Hi there,

Based on your testing of the mittens using your customer's wash methods I suspect you may be right about the chlorine. Do suppose she may have allowed the hat to soak in the water? Also, some colors are more susceptible to chlorine discharge than others.
If you have more questions or would like to discuss this further just let us know or give us a call at customer service.

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