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I finally took the plunge and did 2 shirts. (spiral and a bull's eye). They came out pretty good ! The bull's eye has a little bit of white above the center ring where I didn't get the dye all the way in , but the kids don't care. I used the small kit that does 5 shirts, but used all the dye on both. (wanted to make sure I got enough dye in them).I washed them twice when done (once in clear water and then with a little soap). Then I put them in with some of my wifes undies to make sure they would not bleed before I gave them to the kids. Worked great ! I've got pictures of them but I don't know how to post them. Anyway I'm ready to get going on the next batch. Talk to you soon !!! Jim
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Yaaaay! Glad you had such great results. Sounds like you have the knack for getting full color coverage - most folks tend to go much lighter and end up with much more than "a little bit of white above the center ring". That's most likely why you got two shirts done with the '5 shirt' kit. (hence the 'up to five' qualifier)
It is great you are so satisified - thanks for sharing, and if you'd like you can email jpegs of the shirts to [email="annette@jacquardproducts.com"]annette@jacquardproducts.com[/email] and I'll post them for you...I'd love to see them too.
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