deb deb
I saw some cool tie-dye in a baby boutique a while back and immediately thought "consignment!" :) Thing is, I don't see actual flourescent colors on the Procion MX color chart. Bright, yes,and certainly a wide enough variety for the stuff I do, especially as I like to mix my own colors (I make a meeeeean olive green! :)), but I'm also thinking that flourescent colors with summer coming up might be a fun change.

Am I missing the flourescent ones? Or do I have to hunt elsewhere for tru flourescent colors?

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pburch pburch
True [URL=][U]fluorescent[/U][/URL] colors, which absorb invisible ultraviolet light and turn it into bright visible light, are very rare among fabric dyes. There are none among the commonly available Procion MX dyes. There are several fluorescent acid dyes and a couple fluorescent direct dyes, but nothing that is at all acceptable on cotton. The only really good fluorescent fiber reactive dye is [URL=][U]Remazol Fluorescent Yellow FL[/U][/URL]; unfortunately, this dye is not for sale anywhere in the world in quantities of less than five kilograms of dye, as far as I know.

If you want true fluorescent colors on cotton, you will have to use pigment or fabric paint, instead of dye. There are several brands of good fabric paint that include fluorescents in their color range. [URL=][U]Jacquard Textile Colors[/U][/URL] include seven different fluorescent colors. It is easier to make a good fluorescent fabric paint than it is to make a good fluorescent dye, because there is no need to engineer in an affinity of the dye for the fiber; the binder in the fabric paint sticks the fluorescent pigment to the fabric, instead.

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anna anna
there used to very good actual proper clothing dyes from dylon in fluorescent green, yellow and pink. they used to come in little metal tins.
they gave really good results, dying cotton very well and also nylon, polyamide type fabrics.
lately i cannot find them anymore.
strange, since all the other dylon fabric dyes are still available. the company is still running. maybe contacting them and ordering directly from them?
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