detobias detobias
can’t seem to set profile to follow a category on the forum. How do I do that. Thanks!
Is there a basic color chart theory book you would recommend?
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Hi @detobias - here's instructions on following a forum topic:
  • Log into your account
  • On mobile devices:
    • Click the main menu icon located towards the top left corner of the page.
  • If the icon isn't there:
    • Click the "Categories" link.
    • Click the title of the category the topic is in.
    • Click the title of the topic you'd like to follow.
    • Click the icon towards the top of the page.
  • If there isn't a "Categories" link:
    • Click the "Topics" link.
    • Click the icon located towards the top of the page.
Feel free to DM me directly with any forum technical questions, I'm happy to help!
🙂 Tanya
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detobias detobias
Sorry can’t seem to do this. What is the icon at top of page? The Jacquard symbol keeps taking me back. 
I want to follow idye/idye poly
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YarnCreations YarnCreations
Below the big J symbol in the top right corner is a smaller J symbol.  To the left of this smaller J is the menu icon - looks like three small horizontal lines. Click this.
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Please see screenshot below - you should be able to log into your forum account, go to the "iDye/iDye Poly" category, then click the "+" sign at the top right to add this category to your "topics followed" list. If you see a "-" sign, it means you are already following the topic category. You can do this by post or by category, FYI. You can check with forum caterogies or posts/topics you are currently following in your account settings (click the little dropdown arrow next to your user icon in the very top right and it will show this option). 🙂 Tanyaforum-follow-topic.jpg 
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