intrepid intrepid
I have used Jaquard Dyes for years mostly on silks with great results in the washer, now I have a front loader-
First of all (this may seem like a silly question) but where do I put the idye packet? the instructions say put it all in at once but where?
in the little drawer for the detergent? Will the fabric spot and streak?
do I need to prewet the fabric? Dissolve the salt? Do they both go in the same drawer? The drawer is plastic- is this ok? no staining?
Anyone who has experience with this- please let me know- its all natural fibers...cotton this time and they are clothes I'm recoloring so I don't want to mess them up.
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HeatherG HeatherG
Bumping this up for you as I had the same question. But I think you are supposed to add it to the machine, not the place where you put the detergent as I do think it would stain the plastic. I was wondering how it would work in the front loader.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
We recommend predissolving the dye and salt and placing it directly into the washer before adding the fabric.
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