etanton etanton
The instructions on the inside of the packet refer me to the website for info on use of a front loader however I can't find anything specific. I want to refresh a pair of cotton navy shorts so using iDye Navy. Can I just throw the dye packet in with the shorts and allow the machine to fill with hot water or do I have to dissolve first? I can't open the machine once the cycle starts but can stop it to allow the 50/60 mins recommended fixation time. What do you recommend. Eliz.
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Asher Asher
Here is a link to the instructions:

I've used iDye in a front loader with great success by pre-dissolving the dye and introducing it to the machine once it is full of water. You can also pre-dissolve the dye and put it in the machine prior to running the cycle (as per the instructions attached). Let me know if you have any other questions!
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Fliss049 Fliss049
I have just died a linen shirt back to bright red, great success but I am having trouble getting all of the residual dye out of my front loader machine, I have run it through a normal cycle 3 times now, once with white vinegar and it is still sudsing up pink! I am too scared to put my lovely bed linen in my washing machine, I do not want them to turn pink? Can you help please? Thanks
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Asher Asher
Yikes! I totally understand your reservation. Is this a front loader machine, or top loader? Usually running a cycle affter dyeing does the trick. What will definitely help is running a cycle with some Synthrapol ( Sythrapol is a detergent that is designed to capture loose dye. (You might want to wash your dyed linen shirt with synthrapol too, to get out any excess dye that might cause backstaining during laundering further down the road). A Color Catcher (availabe in drugstores), such as this one will also help...
Let us know if this works. Good luck!
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SarahLea12 SarahLea12
Might be stupid question but I was wondering how do you add the dye once the machine is full of water with a front loader? Just pouring into the wash compartment at that stage and that will do the trick or that makes a difference to pouring prior to running the cycle?
Otherwise the instructions advise to "Pour the dissolved iDye and dissolved non-iodized salt or vinegar into the bottom of the washing machine tub." but the tub has lots small holes so not sure how that would work...
Thanks for any advice.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
HI Sarah,

Unless your machine automatically drains the tub prior to beginning the wash cycle you are able to add the dissolved dye and salt prior to beginning the wash cycle. And, if your machine is anything like mine I can open it even once the wash cycle has started.

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