I don’t know how to use this website but I want to know where the instructions are to use a front loading washing machine. Please send me an answer
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

It's the third entry in the instructions after stove top and top loader. 

I will say this.  Complex colors like black grey and brown can give unpredictable results in teh washing machine because they do not get hot enough.  Pure colors like yellows and blues give you most accurate results. 

Also, with a front loader, the dye can get stuck around the rubber door gasket.  Wipe it down before your next load and check for residual dye.  IT's a good idea to run an empty cycle with a white rag  on your highest water setting before you do a load of whites.  Just a small speck of dye cna ruin a whole load and a front loader is the most likely type of washer for a little dye to be left over.  
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