Lovelypainteddancer Lovelypainteddancer
[font=Tahoma][size=2][u]Oh my[/u], I just thought my[color=Red] Red Label silk colors[/color] were [color=Sienna]old[/color], since I got the kit in the late 80's, (I think). Silly me, I just thought you changed the label! (and bottle shape)

But since they were still fluid and showed no sign of sediment, I ordered[color=Green] Green[/color] [color=Green]label silk colors[/color], not reordering the colors I already had in the [color=Red]Red Labels[/color].

[size=3][u][b]QUESTION[/b][/u]: [u] Can I use the colors together on the same project, even mixing the[color=Red] Red[/color][color=Red] Label[/color] and [color=Green]Green Label[/color] silk colors together for a[color=Blue] new color? (or let them mingle one the fabric)- [color=Indigo]That was the plan.[/color][/color][/u]
I sure hope so, I have had to buy sooo many dyes and paints, and dye & paint "helpers" for this project, if I order another thing I am afraid my credit card will [color=DarkSlateGray][b]melt[/b][/color]!!!!! That would be so sad. Not that I regret having a lot of paint and dyes, and "helpers". Can you really ever have toooooo many?[/size]
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
[url=""] Red[/url] and [url=""]Green Label[/url] can be used along side each other on the silk if you are going to steam the fabric to set them. The [url=""]dyeset concentrate[/url] will not work on the red label. As for mixing them it may work with some colors and not with others so do a test. We generally don't recommend this.
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