silkaddict silkaddict
I want to do some shibori on silk. Is there any way to get dyes to be colorfast on silk short of steaming?
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slrruss slrruss
I just bought the jacq greed label dye going to try it with silk this week along with a chemical set solution. My post has not been answered yet so I am going forward and experimenting to see what happens.
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Asher Asher
Great question (and sorry for the delayed respnse)! There are several options for setting dyes on silk...

Jacquard Green Label Silk Colors ( may be set using Jacquard Permanent Dyeset Concentrate ( Once the dyes are dry, you simply dip the silk into a solution of the Dyeset.

Jacquard Red Label Silk Colors must be steam set. Same goes for Acid Dyes: best results are achieved with steaming.

Procion MX dyes ( may be used on silk that has been soaked in soda ash. The fabric must then be wrappen in plastic and allowed to sit wet for up to 24 hours for proper setting (this is called "batching"). It is usally a good idea to neutralize the pH of the silk afterwards using a vingear bath.

Direct dyes, such as iDye Natural ( can be used on silk without any chemical fixative. However, they must go on VERY HOT, and they will not be as washfast as other dyes...

You may also use a fluid fabric paint, such as Dye-Na-Flow ( Dye-Na-Flow can be applied just like a dye; you then just let it completely dry and heat set the color with a dry iron. This eliminates all chemcials and steaming...

I hope this is helpful. Le me know if you have any other questions!
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