nmcglynn nmcglynn
Hi I just found your forum and have a few questions about the Pearl Ex Pigment Powders.
1. If I dust the powder over a thin line of adhesive will it stick.
2. When I go to wipe away the excess will it smear on to the paper when I wipe it away?
3. What type of adhesive can you suggest I use that I can apply with a nib pen and will dry tacky within a short period of time.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Yes the Pearl-Ex will adhere to a thin layer of adhesive. As long as the surface of the piece isn't rubbed or abraded that should be sufficient to hold the pigment down.

It is best to flick or tap the paper to remove excess pigments as yes you may smear the surface by wiping.

Most acrylic glues can be used with a pen and nib and should dry quickly depending on environmental factors.

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nmcglynn nmcglynn
Thank you for the reply and information.

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