I am new to dying and have much yarn of not great colors to over dye.  It seems that the procion MX dyes need to be stirred to ensure overall homogeneous color uptake, but also needs to sit as it is a slower reaction process.  Some guidance as to how long would be helpful.  It also seems that adding the Soda Ash a little later will allow for the color to bind in a more unified manner.  

I plan to be dying full garments 1lb each of 100% cotton.

I'd like to attempt to over dye a powder blue (think baby blanket) to teal according to the color mixing chart on your website.  I will be making dress / cardigan sets.  I'd like one to be a saturated teal and the cardigan to be a lighter just over washed, so  they coordinate but aren't exactly the same for contrast.  I believe this is achieved by varying the concentration of dye to lb of fabric.  Maybe 50% reduction.

Lastly I need guidance on colors to overdye the following colors.
Cotton - Pink - I think to a Plum  or Burgundy
Bright Fuscia (dapen down the color)

Gold (Metallic) Rayon 

Color theory I don't get, so advice would be helpful.  I can test swatches but then scaling up becomes a production.  

I've tried reading the forums, but it seems to be an art form, not a science and I should just jump in.  I figure I can always dye again if I hate it, providing i don't go too dark.  I am not interested in removing color from commercial dyed yarns if possible.

 Lastly, I am assuming the dye will penetrate knitted fabric, consistently.  i wouldn't want to have between the stitches have the old color and the surfaces the new.  I believe beyond synthrapol, there is another agent that aids in the setting rinsing process, if you have a suggestion on that, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for your assistance.  

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