What a great forum! Now, maybe all your experience can help me figure out how to dye a silk dress graduated colors, from a pale peach at the top to a deep persimmon at the bottom. Acid or fiber reactive? Add more dye to the dye bath as I pull out the dress, or is it better to have the color deepen by duration of immersion? Looking at colors, it looks like I'd be going from a deep orange (without much dye and/or exposure) to deep orange with a burgandy added? I have access to steaming equipment, and can improvise anything else. It's probably less than a pound of fabric, and length just below the knee. Thanks -
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Ombre dyeing is so much fun! There is a [url=""]YouTube[/url] Video that is informative as to method. Or one method - as there are several ways you can go about this. You can do the dipping as shown in the YouTube vid or you can paint on the dye and then steam or you can do a graduated dipping method which is effected by controling the amount of time different sections of the piece are in the dye (this method works best with fiber reactive dye)
In general, you can use either a fiber reactive dye like [url=""]Procion MX[/url] or an [url=""]Acid Dye[/url] with silk. The fiber reactive might be a little easier to use, but some dye colors will shift on silk and you may not end up with what you were after.
As this is a first time I would suggest a trial run with a piece of fabric similar to your dress fabric.
hope this helps
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