Jerrymane Jerrymane
I have been having problems with Jacquards green lable Kelly green, after steam setting it washes out? Lately every time I use that color it doesn't seem to want to take, I just steam set another silk scarf that I had made. In my pot I had 2 scarves cooking one blue one green, again the green one faded after washing and the blue one is perfect. Is there something wrong with this color? It didn't used to do that. I store all dyes inside my house, and steam set them for 2-3 hours.
Can dyes expire?
Thanks in advance
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Dyes can expire and because the silk colors are stored in solution(water) they are more likely to hydrolyze(break down) than powdered dyes. How old are the dyes? I am guessing this is what happened because as you say it used to work before.
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