Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forums as well as the dye game, so I look forward to learning a lot while I'm here. I'm starting my adventures in fabric dye with a snow white crushed velvet dress with chiffon sleeves I'm hoping to turn green with some iDye Poly for a theme wedding later this year. I'm nervous and excited, and would appreciate any tips anyone might have to make this go as smoothly as possible!

I've ordered my dye and will pick up a stainless steel stockpot for the stove when it arrives. How stinky does it get? I've seen the cautions but I'm a bit vague on the extent. Is it going to make my house and furniture reek of wet dog or anything like that?

Anyway, I'l see you around on the forums! Thanks for stopping by.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The smell is annoying.  It goes away pretty quickly though.  The smell is actually caused by the Dye intensifier.  It is a lubricant that softens the polyester so it can better accept the dye.  You get a darker color, but it also helps the dye come out more evenly.  

My tips for poly dyeing
Add the fabric wet and after the dye bath is boiling
Little bubble are fine, don't let the boil get out of control
Stir the bottom of the pot well.  Dye can sometimes aggregate there especially when the pot is not actually boiling.  This can cause stray marks
Green is sort of mossy green and is pretty powerful.  I often use half a pack of it if I want a lighter green
Kelly green is is a brighter green than the regular green.  It is a slightly more yellow I like this one better.  
Keep you dye bath until the dress is rinsed and has dried.  Colors look darker when your fabric is wet.  People dispose of the dye bath too early when they actually want more color.  You can always boil it a little longer to get a darker color.  
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