ebonybbw4italian ebonybbw4italian
:( OK SO I loooove tie dying and that is why I am here but beyond the spirals and fan folds, I dont know how to make the hearts and smiley faces. Does anyone know how to do it and what is the EXACT instructions on how to create this type of shirt BEFORE dying it? Please help

Thanks you
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Paula Birch has some links to info on her site.
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Noelle Noelle
Paula' site is great--definitely check it out! I highly recommend the video she mentions: 'True Tie Dye's Tom Rolofson's wonderful "Learn How to Tie Dye" series of DVDs' (see Amazon affiliate links at right side of Paula's page). Very well organized and he makes really cool things!

Here is another link (on Jacquard's website) with specific instructions for tying a heart. Use the same principles for any stitched design.


Happy dyeing!!

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ebonybbw4italian ebonybbw4italian
Yes I appreciate youboth sending me links on how to sew and then tie dye a design on a shirt. The links were helpful. You are both awesome

Have a good week

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