lagtn lagtn
I think I am making this far more difficult than it need be re when to use gum arabic with Pearl Ex. I know that gum arabic is used as a binder. The more I read and view tutorials, the more confusing it gets when that is necessary and advantageous.

I am gathering that Pearl Ex "as is' can be used dry powder form to dust on embossing inks, mix in in clay, paint, etc. If using Pearl Ex to make watercolors, mists, etc -- then use gum arabic with water?

I viewed in one resource that mixing water into the Pearl Ex made a watercolor -- gum arabic was not used.
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JennyR JennyR
Pearl Ex is very versatile and can be mixed into pretty much any binding medium. Pearl Ex mixed with water will just rub off the surface when dry.

For doing watercolor painting, you can mix it with gum arabic and water. The starting point will be 4 parts Pearl Ex to 1 part Gum Arabic and then mix in water to the desired consistency.

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