WatercolorsByMarian WatercolorsByMarian
Hi. I am new to silk painting and just got the Green Jacquard Kit. I have a few questions about the gutta:

1. Do I have to dry clean it after I use the dyset in order to get rid of the gutta or will the dyset remove the gutta?

2. What if the gutta stays on? Will it turn yellow or something?

3. Can I add dye to the gutta to make my outlines colored (instead of the white of the silk)?

4. How does the cornstarch resist compare to the gutta? Can I dye the cornstarch mixture to make the outlines colored??

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

If you are using clear spirit based gutta you must dry clean it out of the fabric.

You should wash your silk through with synthrapol after dyeing as this will remove excess dye and any resist thus eliminating the chance of bleeding when it is subsequently washed.

You can tint spirit based gutta with dye.

Corn starch is an effective resist but gutta offers sharper lines and will penetrate heavier fabric more easily than the starch.

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DBrown DBrown
I'm just starting out with Jacquard Silk dyes. I have water base gutta resist on my project. Can I wash out the gutta after steamsetting? and if so, do I use syntrapol to do this?
Thanks, Donna
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