DaynaK DaynaK

I have a tan "hair on hide" cowhide stenciled with a dark brown zebra pattern in fairly wide "stripes". The hair is very short and flat, nearly suede like. It's similar to the attached picture but less stripes.

Looking for ideas to change the brown to black, or brownish black. I wouldn't even mind if the very edges of the brown stripes, where it meets the tan, remain brown. It will be used as a wall hanging for the foreseeable future.

Any ideas for me? I have never attempted a dyeing/coloring project before and have no supplies yet.


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JennyR JennyR

Since it isn't really possible to use a dye in this situation, you next best option is to paint it. Dye-Na-Flow is a flowable and transparent fabric paint. You can add either Jacquard Airfix or Versatex Fixer to the paint so it will air cure over time.

You'll definitely want to test first. While Dye-Na-Flow as the least hand of all of our paints (how noticeably the feel/texture of the fabric changes), it is possible that the hair may stiffen or clump together.

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