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Hello Annette & board members,
Read through posts and online for heat setting recommendations yet although following instructions some of the ink came off during the wash.
I ironed the designs face up for several minutes underneath a bi-folded kitchen cloth with highest iron heat setting - yet some came off in the wash (30C Cotton). I notice black ink and colors containing black (such as grey or deep purple) came off, creating empty patches, or, in the case of all-black design, outer areas of the design have completely come off, making the item unusable, too damaged. The garments had also air-dried for a week, which I read was really good to set the designs. I really really ironed them for a long time as I didn't want them to come off.
Using Opaque fabric binder (Colourcraft) & Acrylic inks (System 3)
What are your thoughts? It seems strange that the black ink would be 'bad', that'd be most inconvenient because I want to print in black too and there is lots of it.
Many thanks in advance,
Best wishes
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