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I just bought a Lumiere mini exciter pack, and I'm eager to try it out.

I was browsing through the iDye and iDye Poly display at Joann Fabrics, wondering if the iDyePoly green would work on my Powernet bodystocking (I'll need to contact the manufacturer to double-check about fabric content. I'm guessing that it's mostly nylon. She mentions on her site that Rit dyes may be used). I'm also wondering if the shade would match my emerald bellydance costume (the shade leans a bit further towards blue than yellow, due to the iridescence of the sequins). Would I be better off buying both green and blue dyes, to try to mix a custom shade? Unfortunately, I don't have extra fabric of the same type to experiment on. Perhaps I should use an emerald acid dye, instead? This latter option would allow me to dye some silk, too...

I noticed that the packets of iDye color remover at the front of the rack were damp, and had glittery crystals encrusting the bottom of the outside of the package. I checked the rest of the packages of color remover, and ALL of them were in a similar state. Reading the reviews for iDye on Dick Blick, I noticed that a customer had problems with the color remover soaking through the paper packaging when it was shipped during a humid spell, back in May 2010. I just thought I'd make sure you folks are aware that dampness is still an issue with the paper packaging.

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Dear Layali,

First, thank you for bringing to our attention the issue with the[url=""] iDye [/url]Color Remover at you local Joann's - would you please let us know the location of that Joann's so we may contact them?
As for your bodystocking - the type of dye you use will very much depend on the fiber type. The [url=""]iDye Poly[/url] will work with nylon or polyester. The [url=""]Acid dyes[/url] will work with nylon, but not polyester. Getting the color you desire is a bit trickier. The [url=""]iDye Poly[/url] green tends toward the yellow on poly (i don't have a swatch of it on nylon) - if your fabric allows I would recommend using the [url=""]Acid dye[/url] as you'll have greater color choices.
Have fun!
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