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Tinkabell Tinkabell
Hi Celia!!

Thanx for responding ... that is what I thought must have happened .. ie: spread thru from the filling! Oh well i know what NOT to do now! hahaha

Perth Western Australia. Have never had a chance to get to Scotland but it is on my "to do" list! Patty Culea did a workshop at a craft fair here and sort of fueled the fire of my desire to try something new. Hey if Patty can do it so can I!! Well I can try ... right? lol

Always looks sooo easy when you see someone else doing it. You just have to force yourself to remember that these people have been doing it for years oft-times and what you see is the result of theor long hard work ... not their first attempts!!

Will try again sooooon! Once I re-birth these two poor dollies in a new and different color ( I think I am just gonna dip them in some deep hued dye!)

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doll maker doll maker
Dear Susan,

I am lookig for a source for silk scarves. I got a silk painting kit from a friend but no scarves. I can find the "nubby" silk at fabric stores but not the kind you see on tv craft shows or in the stores. I would need about 5yds. as I may wish to just play around with the paint and silk. Perhaps a department store would have what I need but I always hesitate to buy from them as I do not always know what the fabric has been treated with and if it will wash out, and also because they are expensive and I hate to spend my craft money on a new endevour untill I am sure I can really love'n it. Thank you. doll maker
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Here is a link to our stores list.


You can also access this via the STORES link at the top of the page.

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snowiris snowiris
Hi, Sue,
For estimating yardage: should I count on slight shrinkage with immersion dyes on spun silk taffeta?
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beth beth

I am a muralist/artist but am new to silk painting. The extent of my experience is the purchase of a Jacquard silk scarf and a small silk dye set to experiment with.
I have been challenged in a big way to create some large 3' x 5' or 4' x 8' silk banners for the church I attended as a child. While I am excited about this new medium to explore, it also scares me to death!:confused:
First of all, what type and weight of silk would you recommend for such a large banner? My thought is that I would need something a little heavier weight than the 8mm habotai that I experimented with. Also, I probably would not want much if any texture which might interfere with the flow of the dyes.
Secondly, I would like to use a resist technique, but the gutta I experimented with quickly clogged the small bottle and tip that was included in my "kit." Any other tools or methods you might suggest for larger work?
Lastly, is there a way that dyes and gutta can be ordered online in larger bottles/individual colors?

Would appreciate any help you can give!

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dlarsson dlarsson
do you have any 'how to make quilt squares' instructions with the inkject printing cotton sheets?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Sorry this post was missed by us. Unfortunately the only instructions we have currently are found at this link.
I undersatnd that Cindy Walters books are very good and incorporate inkjet.
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Lunargent Lunargent
Hi - try:

The Silk Connection - links from this website

dharmatrading.com - not only fabrics, but tons of finished clothing blanks, dyes, books - you name it!

Thai Silks - both undyed and dyed silks, in yardage and finished scarves
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