I there,
My name is Ruben I,m from Portugal.
I came across Jacquard, once i'm looking for products to personalize shoes.
Exist a lot of products, hope to get the correct one.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
All of our paints are good for leather.  Just some quick tips.

All paints should be applied in thin layers.  The thicker the layer, the more likely they will crack.  Our paints are very flexible so as a rule they do not crack easily.  The most care should be taken in the toe area.  

Dye-na-flow is best for soft leathers and suede.  totally transparent paint.  Used on white or for tinting other colors.  Can be used on sock liners and cloth.  Great for canvas

Textile - Great on all kinds of leather and are semi-transparent.  Very soft feeling for fabric

Neopaque and Lumiere - Flat and metallic colors that are super opaque and great for covering up other color sand for black.  Very very tough paint, probably our most durable.

Airbrush - Superior airbrush paint for all surfaces.  Great on leather.  Opaque and transparent lines.  Sneaker colors series, and best metallic airbrush paint out there.  Great flow through the gun, doesn't dry in the gun.  

We also have dyes for dyeing shoes.  Idye, Acid dyes, and Basic dyes dissolve in alcohol for leather dyeing.  
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