meritxell arrinda meritxell arrinda
Hello! I discovered jacquard produts some years ago when i went to the U.S.A. I tried some colors and started painting t-shirts and overalls and sell them in some shops here in Spain.
The paints I love!!!! are metallics and startbright and I would like to know if you no longer produce them. And if so, which products are similar to this ones.
Since I live in Spain and here is almost imposible to find them I have to manage by internet. Sorry about my english!!!!! And thanks a lot!!
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Noelle Noelle

So happy to hear that you love the product! The metallics we produce are called [url=""]Lumiere[/url] and they come in a beautiful range of colors. We are not making the Starbright colors anymore. Check out our 'stores' section to find the best place to purchase.

Happy painting!

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