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My daughter needed a Kelly Green shirt for a dance competition. I could not find one that she liked so decided to dye one. The shirt was an off white. 94% rayon 6% spandex. I was delighted to see that you offered a Kelly Green packet!

I followed the stove top instructions since it was only 1 garment and so that I could monitor the color of the garment.

The color was perfect coming out of the pot. I allowed the garment to cool and then washed it in cold water on the delicate cycle. Threw it in the dryer for about 10-15 minutes and then hung it to finish drying.

The problem is that the color is no longer perfect. So my question is should I re-dye it with another Kelly Green packet, or should I try the Emerald Green. The color needs to be a little darker and more vibrant.

I am not willing to go buy another $20.00 shirt and starting over. I am sooo hoping that you have some suggestions! Please help. I need this shirt in 3 days!
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hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry.
I suspect your best bet will be to over dye the shirt with the Kelly Green - it will bump up the color (as you'll be dyeing over the existing color) and give you the deeper, more vibrant color you are looking for. Keep in mind that color generally looks darker when wet - so when it looks perfect wet, it is going to be somewhat less dark and vibrant when dry.

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