firecat firecat
First time dyer, trying to dye a mustard yellow cotton cardigan to black. Looks like heavy knitted yarn. The clerk at art store said I wouldn't need the color remover to go from yellow to black so, I put the color remover back. I just used the idye black packet and now have a tawny brown cardigan, :( how do I make my tawny brown cardigan BLACK????
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JennyR JennyR
iDye and iDye Poly are hot water dyes. For best results (deepest/darkest colors as well as really bright colors) you will want to follow the stove top instructions. Redyeing the cardigan in a boiling dyebath of iDye for Natural Fibers Black for 30-60 minutes should give you the deep black results that you are looking for. If simmering the cardigan is not an option, you can try our Procion MX dyes instead. You'll need to use 6% dye powder by dry weight of the cardigan (you'll need to get soda ash too) and you'll want to use hot tap water.

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