hfoglio hfoglio
Did a project with a Jacquard tie dye kit with my 6 yr old and her friends and we forgot to soak the t shirts before dyeing. They are still wet with dye and it has only been 12 hours. Can I spray or rinse with soda ash now?
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pburch pburch
Yes, definitely spray with soda ash solution now, then keep the shirts damp overnight in a warm place. Even if the dye runs when you add the soda ash, it's much better than the alternative, which is that it will mostly wash out.

If you really want to reduce the amount that the dye runs, you can dissolve salt in your soda ash solution to reduce the solubility of the dyes. You'd want to add as much salt as you can possibly dissolve in it, with a little undissolved salt left at the bottom, a little less than 400 grams per liter of water. That's about three cups of table salt per gallon, or six cups of kosher salt.

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