Chikadee Chikadee
Instead of dyeing my shirt in the washing machine can i dissolve the packet of dye in a tub and soak my shirt in that??

And how many shirts can i dye from one packet of idye??

Please help if you can!!
Thanks :D
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warwick warwick
you have a nice idea of dyeing shirts on a tub .. :D
i don't know if how many shirts you can soak from a pack of idye .. i have something on here that maybe can help you ..


it's about Dyeing ..
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pburch pburch
Why are you posting Dylon's dye instructions for someone who's asked about Jacquard's iDye dye? iDye is not like any of Dylon's various dye products, so their instructions are not useful for people who are using iDye.

You can use iDye in a bucket, with lots of stirring, or, for much better results, use the stovetop method given in the instructions in the dye package. iDye is a hot water dye and will not perform well if used with cooler water. The ideal temperature for iDye is a simmer (about 185 to 190°F), while the ideal temperature for iDye Poly is a full rolling boil.

To find out how many shirts you can dye with one packet, weigh your shirts while they are still dry. Each packet is supposed to dye up to 2 to 3 pounds of fabric.

Incidentally, Procion MX dyes give much better results on cotton and rayon, and don't require any heat, just some washing soda to set the dye.

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bettyw7679 bettyw7679
Thanks you for the post.
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