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Hi all, I need some help. I'm screen printing opaque white on a black 100% cotton gildan tees. It's a large image therefore a lot of white. I tried screen, flash and screen again. I tried just one pass and still no luck. After screening I let them air dry and used my heat press at 350[size=-1]° for 15 seconds. The tees are cracking quite a bit. My questions are: at what temp do I need to set my press and for how long do I press? Should I not flash between screenings? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much.
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Hi Alis,

A couple of things: first, are you using [url=""]Versatex [/url]or [url=""]Jacquard Screen Ink [/url]opaque white?
And second, regardless of which of the two you are using - if, when you say 'flash' you mean that you are quick drying the first application of color before applying a second that may be the problem.

Let me know and we'll get to the bottom of this.

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