nancy whitcraft nancy whitcraft
Can someone please help me! I'm desperate. I'm trying to paint on jeans. I washed the jeans before painting. I painted on them with Lumere Jacquard paints. (Spent many hours painting). I heat set them. I washed them and almost all the paint washed off!!!!
Has this happend to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to get the paint to stay on the jeans? Please help!!!!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
I am sorry to hear this happened.

It could have been caused by a couple of things. The iron was not hot enough or the fabric was not ironed for a long enough period of time to set the colors. Another cause could have been washing the item in water that is too hot and in an abrasive wash cycle. We recommend hand washing after painting.

When I paint with [url=""]Lumiere[/url] or [url=""]Textile Color[/url] on cotton I set the colors with an iron that is set at the hotest or linen setting. You can place a thin cloth between the iron and the paint or iron the item on the reverse. However, the fabric really needs to get pretty hot to set the colors properly. We also have a product that will help the paint bond to fabric by air fixing it and it is called [url=""]airfix[/url] but on jeans that should not have been neccessary.

Avoid painting the color on too thickly as this can cause it to crack and come off. Other than that if you folow the directions above you should not lose any paint when washing the garment.

Good luck.

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