jolea jolea
I'm trying to tie die some race singlets for our team. The fabric is a 86% Polyester, 14% spandex blend. Any suggestions? Is this hard to do? I've never tie dyed anything before. Thanks.
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pburch pburch
You cannot dye a polyester/spandex blend. The extended high heat required to dye polyester with [URL=][U]disperse[/U][/URL] dyes will utterly destroy spandex. Check the care instructions for your singlets. They probably tell you to subject them to washing temperatures no higher than 105°F (which is 41°C), far below the boiling temperatures that work best for dyeing polyester.

This means that your only option is to fake tie-dyeing with a diluted thin [URL=][U]fabric paint[/U][/URL], such as Jacquard Products' Dye-Na-Flow or Dharma Trading Company's Dharma Pigment Dye.

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