sophie_ann sophie_ann
I've been trying to dye some light olive green wool with idye. I tested a swatch with Idye natural and it came out a beautiful rich, deep violet colour. When I dyed the rest of it it barely took any colour at all. I tried again hotter (this time mixing red and blue dyes together because my spotlight had run out of purple) and while everything else in the dyebath went purple (including my fingers), the fabric went maroon. It seems to pick up only the red/pinky colours.

I just tried again with only blue and it isn't taking any colour at all.

Wondering if maybe I have an acrylic blend? What would be the best thing to do here - try with some idye poly? but which colour, purple or blue? Use a colour remover then try with idye poly?

HELP!!! Getting desperate here!
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Asher Asher
It sounds like a blend to me. All kinds of weird things can happen when dyeing blended fabrics. Different dyes strike different fibers at different rates, and even within the same dye class, different colors can strike very differently from one another. This is why blending different types of dye to color blended fabrics can be difficult and perplexing, even though in theory you know it should work fine. Cotton/polyester blends or wool/polyester blends are relatively easy to dye by mixing the natural and poly iDyes. But it is very important to know what your fabric is made of before you try to dye it. Acrylic, for instance, cannot be dyed with iDye or iDye Poly: Basic Dyes are the only dyes that work on acrylic fibers. Jacquard only sells basic dyes in bulk: Unfortunately, without knowing before hand what your fabric is made of, trying to dye it will be a potentially frustrating process of trial and error... You could try iDye Poly, but it won't do a thing unless your fabric has polyester in it...
I know this is frustrating
I wish I could offer you more than good luck...
Let us know if we can help in any other way...
Best of luck!
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