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Hello, i am a fourth year college student and also a brother of Triangle Fraternity. I recently came up with an Idea for a philanthropy event to raise money for the American Diabetes Association (ADA), that involves tie-dyeing
We are having 200 hundred custom shirts printed with our school logo on it and we are going to sell students and faculty the ability to tie-dye their own personal shirt for a minimal cost (about $5). all proceeds of the event are being donated to the ADA. I am new to Tie-dyeing and have been investigating the best way to go about completing this event in the best possible manner; However, i am inexperienced in this field and there are so many possible methods to tie-dying.

It would be very helpful if someone could provide me with some information on the best way to go about this. we are looking at dying about 200 cotton shirts using probably 8 or so colors. our resources during the event are limited to stuff that can sit out side at a table with us for the duration of the day. I am looking for information on the best method to use in order to satisfy that large of a group efficiently.
i could use some recommendations on the most appropriate:
Dye's to use
Estimate of quantity needed
soda ash or no soda ash?
the most cost efficient methods for mass quantity
and anything an inexperienced dyer might overlook or not consider

If any one out there is an experienced dyer and would like to offer me some useful information it would be greatly appreciated by my self and the ADA. If any one would like to make a charitable contribution to the event it would also be appreciated. however i am not necessarily looking for funding, just some info on how to make my event work best

Thank you for your help,

Michael Z
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