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I am new to this forum, and am trying to hand dye cottons and silks, still in the Rit stage but will be purchasing Jacquard's products soon.

This may have been addressed before but I have had a heck of a time finding either a book or chart that will show me what colors to mix to get the colors/shades that I want.

I had previously purchased a book on dyeing but returned it as I found it did not address my issues - I did not like the "blotchy" and "whiteness" of the swatches of color and it really was a book meant for quilters.

Can anyone recommend a color mixing chart or book that may be available that shows mixes for light as well as dark shades of the same color, so I can FINALLY get a color that I cannot find.....a very pale taupey dove gray? I am using on white cottons and silk.

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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Jeanne,

Ah! you are to the exciting part of dyeing! Creating your own palette of colors is really a very personal journey.
There are some places to go that will get you started - we do have a mixing chart for our Procion MX colors [url=""]here[/url]. Another good place to begin your journey is at the technical data available for the dyes [url=""]here[/url]. As you begin to blend your own colors we recommend working with homogenous colors - this allows for greater control of the results.

Have fun!
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Jeanne Jeanne
Thanks Anet - I can see that I have to do LOTS of experimenting before I can even begin to get some of the colors I want....

It's too bad though, that there is not an actual chart of color MIXES having lighter/darker tones of those mixes explaining amounts of water needed for diluting from dark to light, as a guide for people.

Oh I said.....I'm going to have to experiment and keep notes when I hit what I want!
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