Christine Christine
Hello. I have used the iDye turquoise on a matelasse/quilt. Two packs, because it weighed 6 lbs., two cups of salt, all predesolved then added to my front loader. Ran first on sanitize (165 degrees) extedended wash, then on cold with soap and an extra rinse followed by one more rinse. The color came out a very bright much darker color than I was hoping for. These are my three problems:
1. This is only half of the project. I still have the dust ruffle and shams to do in another load.
2. Don't live close to the craft store to keep running back and forth and the project I thought I had 3 weeks to do must be done by 5:00 today (3 days). My husband is flying home early! Way early.
3. I can't find directions for the color remover I saw at the store. What does it do exactly? Will it just make it lighter?

I don't know what to buy in order to get both loads to look the same and how to ultimately change this to a lighter more blue color?
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JennyR JennyR
The full color remover instructions can be emailed to you by emailing us at [email=""][/email]. But, the lowdown is that it is a powder that is mixed with water to create a bath. The hotter the water, the better (stove top method is best), but since you're doing bedding it'll have to be in the washer set to the hottest setting. You submerge the piece into the bath and agitate 10-20 minutes until color has removed to desired shade.

A caveat: Not all dyes will remove. Some dyes are immune to the chemical and will not change at all and some will change to another color if the dye is a blend. Other dyes will remove substantially.

So, first you'll have to see how much color you can remove before you start redyeing. If you get most of the color out, then you can either pick a different blue or use the turquoise again at a much more dilute concentration.

Hope that helps.

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