UglyChiars UglyChiars
I have a pair of lovely old Berger chairs, which were last reupholstered in the (guessing) 70's. The fabric is a very nubby wool tweed which has fantastic texture. However, the pea green, burnt orange and diaper brown plaid has got to go. I have taken the chairs to get a (stunning 1000 dollars) estimate for re-upholstery. And that is before the fabric costs. So, I am toying with the idea of painting them off white. I have read how wonderful these paints are on fabric and am curios. Does that extend to upholstery? Will the paints wear off on guests hind ends? Will they hold up to kids/cats/dog (who knows better but does anyway)? Will the paints work well on the texture? Any advice on application? Should I use the product which makes heat setting unnecessary or will cooking them in my 120 degree (easily) garage in a Florida summer do the trick? Will a gallon be enough, or should I use two? Thank you so much for anyone who gets back to me. Meg
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

The textile paints will work on most fabrics. However on a fabric with a pile it can look a little crusty especially the opaque white as that is a heavier thicker paint.

It shouldn't come off on clothing once dry but it really should be heat set. You could dry the paint with a hairdryer set on the warmest setting. That should set the color sufficiently.

Do a test first.

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