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I'm trying to figure out the best way to dye my towels...They are currently a bright pink color and I'd like to dye them to the midnight blue color. Is procion MX the best to use? They're 100% cotton and dry weight of all of them together is 12 pounds. How much dye/soda ash/and synthrapol would I need and what would be the best way to do it?

They were kind of pricy towels so rather than replace them I would rather just dye them but don't want to mess it up!
Please help!
Thank you!!
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pburch pburch
Use Procion MX dye in a top-loading washing machine, along with soda ash and a rather large quantity of ordinary non-iodized table salt from the grocery store.

You've already weighed the towels first, dry, so you can calculate how much you will need by way of ingredients. If there's less than eight pounds (five for some washers), you can dye them all in one load, but twelve pounds will certainly take two loads, possibly three. Keep careful track of exactly how much dye, soda ash, and salt you use per pound of towel in each load, and use the exact same amount in the other(s). It would be best to do the exact same number of towels in each load. Before dyeing, prewash the towels in the hottest water (turn off the cool water supply to the machine while it fills) with laundry detergent or Synthrapol, plus extra soda ash for additional cleaning power. No need to dry before dyeing.

Since this is the Jacquard Products web site, you should check out the washing machine instructions toward the bottom of [URL=][U]this page[/U][/URL]. You can also look at my page on a different site, [URL=][U]How can I dye clothing or fabric in the washing machine?[/U][/URL], for a larger overview. Pick one recipe and follow it closely.

Also see my web page, [URL=][U]How much Procion MX dye should I use?[/U][/URL]. For a dark color like midnight blue, you'll probably want about 15 grams of dye powder per pound of fabric, for a total of 180 grams (a little over six ounces).

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