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You would have to use the Idye poly dye. That mix of fabric can be completely dyed with the polyester dye. I would suggest the silver grey dye. It is pretty neutral and I think one packet of dye would make it just a shade darker than 50% grey.(meaning just over halfway between white and black) If you want a light grey dress, I would use 1/2 to 3/4 of the packet.

Now the pink. It is very light, so it won't have a huge effect, but it is there. You may want to dull that out. Otherwise you are going to get a warm grey, meaning red tinged grey. It can be hard to figure out how much green you would need to dull the pink exactly. I would err on the side of very little.

This is easiest to do by dissolving a packet of the green Idye poly in a container and then using a portion of that in the bath with the grey dye. I would suggest 1/16th of the container. maybe even less like take out 1/10th of the dye in that conatiner and use half of that(1/20th).

If you overshoot the green there is very little you can do. The poly dye does not come out well. So you can actually just use the grey and then take out the dress and see if you like it and then add green if you need to. It is better to be cautious. Do not add more dye while the dress is in the water.

This project you have to boil. If you don't get the dye hot enough, you can speckles of undissolved color on there that you def don't want. The fabric should be able to hold up to the temp just fine.

Also, with the grey I would also err on the lighter side of the boil time. You should be good in 20 min or under. Check at 5 min to see if you are getting the color you want. It is fine to rinse and then put back in the bath with this dye, so take your time and get the color right.

A light boil is fine. You don't want a super rolling boil.

Good luck.
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