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I am about to dye a duvet and 2 shams using the Olive color iDye. The fabric is 100% cotton and the current color is a tan/dark beige. I already have it wetted and ready to start, but now I am hesitant after reading other posts about how dark the Olive iDye actually turns out. I want a sort of olive/sage/moss green, not apple or kelly, which is why I chose Olive. Should I proceed? Should I use salt as the package directs, or will that just make it darker? Total, the fabric weighs about 7 lbs., so I got 3 packets of dye. Should I use all of them or just one or two? Help! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Hi There,

If you have concerns about the Olive color being too dark for your taste then I strongly recommend that you start with less dye than that suggested for full strength color. Because you can always over dye I would say start with one or two packets of dye and then over dye to reach the color you are after.
Do include the salt - it assist in the setting and penetration of the dye.

hope this helps
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