DeBorah_Beatty DeBorah_Beatty
Hi! If I want to post in the "Show Off" forum, how do I show images of my work? Cross link to a site where I have them (like picturetrail) or will there be a user's gallery type area set up?

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MarsFeeney MarsFeeney
Hi DeBorah,

There are two ways to post images on this forum. While creating a normal forum post do one of the following:

1) click the yellow image button in the tool bar above the main text area. This will allow you to type in a url to an image somewhere on the web. The image will appear in your post at the current cursor position.

2) use the "Manage Attachments" button found in the Additional Options down below the main text area. This will allow you to select an image from your computer to upload to the forum. The image will appear in the post below the text of the post. In this case you won't see the image while creating the message but it will appear in the posted message.

Hope this helps
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