icemom icemom
I'm making a figure skating dress and trying to figure out how to dip-dye the spandex.

I have a package of iDye poly, which says to simmer the fabric for 30 minutes or so. Will that ruin the spandex fibers?

My plan is to baste the skirt and panties together at the top seamlines and then suspend them partway in the dye. Is this the way to go?


Ice Mom
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pburch pburch
Simmering a poly/spandex blend will most likely ruin the [URL=][U]spandex[/U][/URL]. It's generally supposed to stay below 105°F (41°C), which is far too cool for dyeing polyester.

You're better off either using a cotton/poly blend and dyeing it with cool-water Procion MX dyes, or using a [URL=][U]fabric paint[/U][/URL] on your poly/spandex blend, instead of dye. Dye-na-Flow is a good choice for a fabric paint that acts as much as possible like dye.

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