It's black and white, and has fur about 1/4 of an inch thick.
I'd like to dye the black part- GOLD, and the white part- PINK.
I've seen it done before and it was very cool! Although, I think they might have just painted it, because the hair/fur was almost absent.
I've bought just about every color in gold and pink in the Jaquard Textile,
Neo opaque, Lumiere, Dye-na-flow, and the powder in Procion MX Dye.
It's very large, so it's not like I could dip in into a washing machine, or possibly even a bathtub? Could I mix the colors into a spray bottle (also with water) and spray it on, then dab it off? Would the colors be consistent? Then do I wash it off with a hose, or let it dry into it?
Should I use another chemical to mix in with it? Should I get the hide wet first? Should it be laying down while I do the process? How can I keep the colors from touching/or flowing into each other?
Should I buy an airbrush machine? But, even then it might not permeate all the way into the depth of the fur. I'm SUCH an animal lover, but this is for my work and I have to do it for my client, & get it right! My rent is depending on it:~)
Please help!
Thank you, Julie
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

I would recommend lumiere for the gold and dye-na-flow for the pink. Paint the gold part first let it dry and then apply the pink that way the colors shouldn't run. Do a small test first to see if you get the reults you desire with these products. Both paints are acrylics and can be heat set to make them washable with a hairdryer when the paint is still wet on items that cannot be ironed.

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