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hi my sister in law is getting married, she is wearing a champagne dress but the veil she bought is ivory white. she is looking to dye the feathers and silk flowers on it champagne to match, after some research on the internet i found out this would be the best dye brand to accomplish what we want. my question is what colour should she be buying and how much of it to use so she gets the champagne colour she desires ?

edit: oh i forgot to add im looking to get this colour using the acid dye, so from the selection of colours they have available we want to know which would achieve champagne.
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Ah...the question we find most frightening!
You are on the right track - using the Acid Dyes for both the silk and the feathers will give you best results (read the directions carefully - the feathers will require more heat and time), but when it come to color we quake in our boots
Defining the color 'champagne' is very relative - even here in the office we each have our own idea of what that color looks like. Then there is the issue of matching an existing color and on top of that dyeing two very different fibers (silk and feathers.)
My best advice is to visit a store that carries the Acid dye, choose one or two that you think are close to what you are after and do some testing. Other than that, you might contact someone who specializes in dyed-to-match shoes?

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