jabs jabs
I do tie dye in small batches as a family activity each year (10 or 12 shirts).

Does anyone know appx. how many teaspoons of powder are in a 2oz jar of Procion MX dye?

I know how many teaspoons I need to make a couple bottles of this and a couple of that but I never know how many 2oz jars of dye to order because I don't know how many teaspoons of powder are in a jar.

I always have plenty left over but I don't know if it is enough for one more year.... I know I used 4 t. but have no idea what is left, short of dumping it out and measuring it. I prefer to handle it as little as possible since even the slightest spill can make a big, permanent stain on something.
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Juturna67 Juturna67
2 ounces = 12 tsp.
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Rubygeode Rubygeode
I believe the 2 ounces refers to weight, not volume, and some of the dyes are "fluffier" than others. That said, you could weigh the jar and figure out how much is in it by weight. (Weigh a full jar and subtract 2 oz to figure out the weight of the jar itself.)

Then, using an accurate scale, weigh one teaspoon of dye and do the math. (If memory serves one teaspoon of dye is around 2.5 grams.)
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