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Hello and I am brand new to this art form. I am here as a Class Dad making shirts for a class of 2nd graders. The class has selected dark blue as their color.

I intend to do the "scrunch" method of tying - pushing the shirt into the middle and then wrapping it up with rubber bands until it looks like pancake. Soak the resulting pastry in soda them squeeze/drip damp dry. Then I'd like to squirt on the dye using a squirt bottle.

I've got 4 - jars of 2/3 oz navy Jacquard Procion mx dye. how much water do I add to mix up one of the 2/3 oz jars of this dark dye and how far do you think that mixture will go? I need to make about 30 Kids size shirts. Do I need 1000 more jars?

Thanks for any help.

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