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I have just started dyeing again and like my colours bright, bright, bright. I've read that turquoise dyes, or dye colours made from turquoise (eg emerald) require twice as much dye per cup of water. Yet, when I rinse shirts having used twice as much turquoise, I seem to get tons of turquoise in my rinse water. I get the colours I want - everything is nice and bright, at least as bright as I've seen in shirts sold commercially. But I'm wondering if I am wasting dye. Should I be using 2 tsp dye/cup or 4? And I've read you need up to 8 tsp of black! That's a lot of dye.
Forgot to mention that I am using Procion MX dyes.
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Hi there,

What can really make a difference is a warmer batching environment (sounds like you are direct applying?) I'd recommend a test - use the recommended amount of dye and find a nice bright window to allow the pieces to batch in.
The black is one that you'll want to use more dye with - I'd start with 4 tsp of black to cup of water and use the warm window with that, too.
hope this helps,
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