I make baskets with nylon cord and would like to use Dyenaflow as a paint/dye. I (obviously) cannot iron the baskets, so how can I make the color permanent? Also, should (or can) the cord be wet when I apply Dyenaflow? Any suggestions for using it on this material would be appreciated.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Airfix is a great additive for paint for situations like these where you can't heat set.  You add it at 3% so 1 bottle will do over 60oz of paint.  It sets the paint just like heat setting as long as you wait 72 hrs.  I highly recommend it for your purpose.

As far as well or dry.  You can do either.  Wet it should bleed more.  That means maybe not as concentrated color.  It will mean same amount of paint over a larger area.  that can be cool and is good if you are blending the colors.   Dry means less bleeding, that's about it.  
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