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I have a red shorts (97%cotton 3%elastane) which is of red color and have this white shade wash on the thighs to give it a worn out look. Unfortunately some time ago a patch of this wash had washed away uncovering the red underneath and hence making it darker than the rest. I have bought Dye na flow free flowing liquid colour for natural or synthetic fabrics (830 white) . However I have tried on a small section in the innerside, but the fabric seem to absorb the dye na flow solution and no white colour remains. I also tried on another piece of white fabric with the same effect. Can someone please guide me what to do? I would upload a photo of what I wish to do if there is the possibility.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your question.
The reason you are not seeing any results with the Dye-Na-Flow is that is a transparent paint. From what you describe, better way to get what you are after would be to use our Air Brush colors in Opaque White and just spray a fine wash over the shorts. Another possibility would be to use either our Textile Colors White or Neopaque White using a VERY dry brush application.
Here are links to the products I've named:

hope this helps,
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