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My 7-year old daughter's name is "Sydney" and she's fixated on trying to recreate the "S" pattern on the Jacquard Tye-dye box we bought (can be seen at second from the left on the bottom row).

It looks kind of like it's a swirl/spiral, but it's "looser" and there may be two of them.

Bear with me--we're new at this--but they didn't cover that pattern in the DVD.

Suggestions appreciated--thanks!
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Asher Asher
Hi there,
Great question. I would be more than happy to help you tie dye an "S" for "Sydney."
It is actually pretty simple. What you want to do is draw an imaginary "S" on your T-shirt (or use a pencil or auto-fade pen). Then follow the "S" with a tight accordion fold. Here is a video that shows you how to accordion fold a stripe (a straight line):

You'll want to do the same thing but rather than following a straight line, accordion fold along the line of the "S." Make sure your folds are good and tight. The next critical step will be deciding how you want to apply the dye. Once the shirt is folded and tied, dye it in stripes cross-wise. To achieve the pattern you see on the kit box, you'll want to put turquoise in the center (along the "S" line), with your other colors on either side. This symetrical application of colored stripes should result in a the "S" pattern desired. Rember the whole idea of tie dyeing is that your folds determine your pattern: if you dye your folded fabric in regular stripes, it will come out as an "S," just as long as you have folded it in an "S" pattern.
Let me know if you need any further assistance. And good luck! Rember that tie dyeing is like anything else: it takes practice! I'm sure Sydney will be an expert in no time!
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tomjonesrocks tomjonesrocks
Thanks so much for the reply! I'll be giving it a try!
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