let me explain. so i want to make some of my white cotton shirts look a bit like the shirt in the photo, except each one will have a more focused color scheme, and also more concentrated into just the chest and shoulder.Screenshot_2019-01-12-16-15-41.png 

i think i've found a fabric paint that i want to use, but i was curious as to how i should wash each shirt after i paint them, and whether or not the paint would spread through out the rest of the white shirt (that i want to remain completely white). let me know if there's any specific paint or dye that i can use to make the afterwards process easier. thanks.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
A thicker paint will spread less, and you can put a board inside to prevent paint on the front from getting on the back.  You can always mask areas you don't want paint on by taping them with masking taper or covering areas you want to stay white with plastic.  

As far as our products go, our thicker Textile Colors are going to not bleed much at all as they have a high viscosity.  IF you were to use dye na flow you would get lots of bleeding because it is so thin.  If you wanted to make a not so think paint thicker, you can always add some methocel in tiny amounts and that will thicken your paint.  
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